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President & CEO, Bruce Eppink's diverse professional background has enjoyed three decades in all aspects of manufacturing, engineering, and operations management. Managing companies from $5million to $88million in annual sales volume. Bruce has led product development teams and overseen operations for advanced technologies including; water treatment, air bag, anti-lock brake, and safety restraint suppliers, as well as led nearly a dozen companies through reorganizations, start-ups, and/or expansion.

He is an Inventor of record for five product and process patents focused on energy conservation and environmental impact.

Services focus on the development and implementation of intellectual property which have major impacts on energy usage and waste remediation.

Technology Review - Call today for an appointment / No idea should ever go to waste.

EPPINK, LLC has a network of talented companies and individuals who are brought into projects as needed this keeps operating overhead down and you benefit directly by having this network available to you for your project.

Engineers, Designers, CAD, Machinists, Toolmakers, Millwrights, Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Media, Programming, Electrical, Legal.

We will not take your intellectual property, we will share based on our contribution and involvement. You make the decisions, all agreements are in writing and an Intellectual Property Agreement and Nondisclosure Agreement signed as the first step will protect you.

We understand the Inventor spirit and desire to see their idea get to market, we can help you make a difference.

Bruce A. Eppink - President / CEO

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